Bad sleep will destroy your health

Yes. That is true. The quality of your sleep is crucial for not only the recovery of your body, but also to regular all the hormones flowing around. Good quality sleep will help you think clearer, be more energetic and even look good. This is the reason why the highest achievers in any industry regularly experience the highest quality of sleep.

Sleep deprivation on the other hand, is the complete opposite of good quality sleep. It will not only reduce your lifespan, it will also make your mind foggy. You won’t be able to make plans, or strategize things. You won’t have energy to do anything.

The main purpose of sleep is to remove all the metabolic waste your brain has accumulated throughout the day and start over. In a sense you can think of this as a daily reboot of your brain. Rebooting your brain will make sure that it runs are smoothly as possible. Same thing for your body.

It will repair all the wear and tear it went through the previous day, and get your ready for the next day. All recovered and energetic to conquer another day and more goals.